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Grey & Raining

In a fit of insanity, recently, I decided it would be fun to take the children to Brighton for the day. In an effort to be a lovely mummy, the Pier, was my main objective. I drive a Land Rover and every trip feels like a huge adventure. It was windy and very nippy, but the sun was shining as we lumbered down the M23. By the time we reached Brighton it was ghastly weather, dark, grey and raining, the seagulls had had a better offer, and we were cold. Despite all of this the children were thrilled, and ran off to get to the funfair. The place was almost deserted, most of the rides were closed and finding something they both wanted to do started to get somewhat challenging. I saw something, an image, that moved me and reached into my bag for my trusty Sony Cybershot. It was a triumphant moment. Both the kids got caught up in the images around us and we had a wonderful afternoon, moving through the different areas of the Pier, all taking pictures of the parts that we liked. For me, I was most struck by the way the Tungsten lights showed so beautifully against the dark daylight. I also really enjoyed how the camera dealt with the impossibly low light levels in the gaming rooms. The images here are so surreal. The day was exciting, stimulating and ultimately a great success and it was the darkness, the awful weather combined with a fabulous camera that made it so.