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The pleasure of taking a photograph is almost indescribable. The closest I can come to how it feels is that moment in Billy Elliot, at his exam for the Royal Ballet, as he leaves knowing that he has not been seen in the best light, one of the examiners asks him how he feels when he dances. His face lights up and he replies: “It is like electricity in my body” I feel the same.

The energy and tension of meeting a portraitee in front of the lens of the Hasselblad is such a profound experience, even if it a friend of 30+ years, as happened this week when I photographed James. We have been friends since we were 11 and now, in our 50’s meet for a portrait, which became a mutual portrait: He is the only person I have let use or even touch, my beautiful camera and I love the result!

So this page is to encourage those of you who love portraiture to give me a commission, so please take the opportunity to visit my photography website.

Here below is the infamous image of me, James, the very lovely Wendyl, Paula who is 87 and the mother of a good friend, and various other portraits of Divine Beings who desired to be immortalised.

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A_5351 copy