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Rubyyy Jones

I have worked with Rubyyy Jones for several months now and together we have produced an extraordinary body of work. It is challenging to work out which image I love more than any other, and for this reason I end up posting so many on my photography site which ultimately diffuses their power. So I offer here a series of images of an amazing woman, a performer who consistently pushes boundaries and profoundly challenges the global perception of woman and their bodies, their beauty. I feel privileged to have been able to create images with Rubyyy that really do manifest all of this and hope that our collaboration continues to yield more beautiful images.

Rubyyy has her own website, writes a beautiful blog and performs in London, regularly. If she moves you, go and watch her strut her stuff.

Rubyyy Jones.001

Rubyyy Jones.002

Rubyyy Jones.003

Rubyyy Jones.004

Rubyyy Jones.005

Rubyyy Jones.006

Rubyyy Jones.007

Rubyyy Jones.008

Rubyyy Jones.009

Rubyyy Jones.010

Rubyyy Jones.012

Rubyyy Jones.013

Rubyyy Jones.014